Meet Hilary

The first time I remember choosing photography as an expression of art was a contest I entered in third grade - Reflections. The theme was “The world would be different if…” and my world was never the same. After attending Brooks Institute, I’m putting my studies to good use in Southern California.

Fun facts about Hilary:

  • I’m known amongst my friends and family as the one who is always falling behind because she’s taking a picture. If not for myself, then for that family at Disneyland with one parent missing from every photo. I see the world through a camera lens and love capturing all the beauty is world has to offer.

  • I’m a Disney nerd! Long before working for the mouse, I’ve known WAY too much Disney trivia. Hey…Let’s do your shoot at Disneyland!!

  • I have food allergies, so don’t be offended if I turn down that delicious-looking wedding cake.

  • I was raised by two teachers in Yucaipa. Yes, those are my parents…and that’s my brother!

    • Class of ‘05 didn’t really have a slogan…but, go T-Birds!

  • I’ve been performing in musical theatre since elementary school.

    • Your session will most likely include lots of singing and dancing

  • I’m an animal advocate and would have a whole slew of animals if I could.

    • My 30th birthday was spent at a performing animal wildlife sanctuary….I’m surprised my brother managed to get me out of there!

  • I fell in love with New York in 2001 and, on a whim, moved to Manhattan in 2018.

    • Also moved back to SoCal on a whim, but that’s another, much longer story…

  • I laugh like Betty Rubble

  • My brother is an AMAZING musician and I am one of his biggest fans!

  • I enjoy and cherish every moment I have my camera in my hand; I am giddy after every shoot.

    • You’ll see that when a camera is just an extension of your photographer, you’ll feel more relaxed and at ease during your session.